Nice Legs

  A number of years ago, I was talking to one of the members of a local gym in which I was working as a personal trainer as she rode a stationary bike alongside her workout buddies. As I explained how she and her friends could get more out of their workouts, I sensed that …

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Incisions and Time

  A fraction of a second.  That’s the time it takes to cause damage to our bodies. Whether a car accident, a cat scratch, or a surgeon’s incision, it takes less than one second to cause bodily damage.  Weeks to months.  That’s the time it takes to heal the damage. Whether a car accident, a cat …

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Train Like a Woman!

As I write in Running for Women, there are obvious differences between women and men in anatomy, physiology, hormones, and metabolism. So why do all trainers, coaches, and running books take a one-sex-fits-all approach to training? As an active female, here are seven things you need to know to capitalize on being an active woman. …

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