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Running Periodization takes you on an exploration of alternative training theories and shows how to apply the lessons of biological adaptation to your training to make you a better runner. The book discusses several periodized training approaches, with special chapters on periodization for high school and college runners, strength training, and female runners. Written in a conversational style, the book shows you how to work on your training, not just in your training.


5.0 out of 5 stars Read it through and then study so you understand where it can take you or your team

I purchased this book after listening to Jason speak at the Michigan MITCA Cross Country conference in November of 2021. I have been attending these conferences for 14 years and MITCA hit a grand slam when they invited him to speak multiple times during the 2+ days of the conference.
Let me say he is easy to listen to. he is excitable, energetic, does not stand behind a lectern. he walks around, he asks questions, he tells stories ( most are believable) they all engage the audience.
I have read Running Periodization from cover to cover and am now making the changes to to our schools summer and fall conditioning plan.
The information is detailed, the purpose fully explained including the when and the why each training zone is necessary and why the sequence is necessary for success. He is careful to explain why interval training is athlete specific and not team specific as we are all different and all need different training to stress the body so we can move forward. He has provided examples of training plans and how the different training zones should be incorporated for success. He has included complete training programs and a workout menu.
If you are a runner preparing for an important event, new to coaching or have been coaching for years this book will make you BETTER if you invest the time to study and implement the content. It contains more than just theories as there is plenty of practical application.

Geoffrey J. Wilhelmy
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best

I’ve been involved in distance running for almost 60 years as a competitor, coach and recreational runner and own over 200 books on the subject. I judge this as the best book on training available because: 1) the book is science based. It has 262 references citing studies, trials and publications. The author’s opinions are not based solely on his own experience as a coach but extensive research 2) It’s inclusive., in addition to covering the 7 types of periodization, it also includes recovery, nutrition, altitude training (no evidence that it’s superior to training at sea level), the effect on female physiology, pros and cons of strength training to name a few. 3) Though it is science based, it’s mercifully free of obscure technical jargon. Recommend it strongly to anyone wishing to improve their own or others’ running.


267 pages



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