Incisions and Time

  A fraction of a second.  That’s the time it takes to cause damage to our bodies. Whether a car accident, a cat scratch, or a surgeon’s incision, it takes less than one second to cause bodily damage.  Weeks to months.  That’s the time it takes to heal the damage. Whether a car accident, a cat …

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Exercise and Your Brain

  When I wrote The Inner Runner, one of the things I wanted to address is how running changes us on the inside. Exercise doesn’t just affect the heart and muscles; it also affects the brain. It’s an interesting field of science called neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to change. Running causes morphological and neurochemical adaptations …

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The Running Stride

Your running stride has two components: stride rate, which is the number of steps taken per minute, and stride length, which is the distance of each step. Running speed equals stride rate times stride length: Speed = Stride Rate x Stride Length Over time, as someone runs a lot, and spends time running at faster …

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